Fantastic fan made films – from Doctor Who to Game of Thrones and Star Trek

Emily Dixon collects some of the best fan made short films from around the web

The Doctor Who fandom is brimming with creativity, as evidenced by the stunning title sequence one YouTube user created for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (watch it here). Below are six more examples of fans taking the leap from watching the show to producing their own.


The Next Regeneration 

Another Capaldi intro, yes, but this thrilling sequence, created by YouTube user NeonVisual, is equally awe-inspiring.

Doctor Puppet

Fan and animator Alisa Stern is behind the adorable ‘Doctor Puppet’ series, which follows the adventures of the Doctor(s) rendered in stop motion.

Doctor Who: The Musical

In this fan-made video, the Doctor finds himself a new companion and a funky Broadway beat. 

A Tale of Benjen Stark

Talented fans aren’t exclusive to Doctor Who; see, for instance, this short fan film inspired by Game of Thrones. If your post-Red Wedding palpitations have given way to impatient anticipation of Season 4, ‘A Tale of Benjen Stark’ will have your heart pounding all over again. 

Dark Knight Legacy

The upcoming fan film ‘Dark Knight Legacy’ promises to continue from the events of The Dark Knight Rises, providing fans channel their enthusiasm into cash and fund the Indiegogo campaign.

Star Trek Continues


Over 40 years after the original Star Trek series ended, Star Trek Continues aims to pick up where the series left off, faithful even to the original’s 4:3 aspect ratio.