Coronation Street spoilers: “It’s clear that Nick remembers everything” – Jack P Shepherd interview

As Nick wakes up, it soon becomes apparent that he recalls just what David did on the night of the van crash

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) is to wake from his coma next week but the nightmare looks set to continue for his brother David. Just how much does Nick remember about the circumstances surrounding the crash? And what is the shock ultimatum that shocks David to the core? Here, actor Jack P Shepherd talks about what a traumatic week for his character and what David’s latest plans are:


Has David got a plan in his head about what he’ll do when Nick wakes up? 
He has no idea when he’s going to wake up, but he’s absolutely petrified as he doesn’t know what Nick will say when he does. David wants to be the first person to see Nick when he comes round so he can weigh up how much he remembers and what he’s likely to say to the other people.

So what goes through David’s mind when he gets the call from Gail to say that Nick is calling out his name?  
He’s like a rabbit caught in headlights. He wants to know straight away what he’s said, but Gail just tells him he’s calling out his name.  He’s absolutely petrified that Nick’s going to say something. When he turns up at the hospital, David’s really edgy and when Nick opens his eyes and sees David, Nick panics. It’s clear to David that he remembers everything he did.

Does David at any point wish he’d killed Nick while he had the chance? 
The writers wanted David to be very remorseful for what he’d done and be really apologetic. I’ve played it a bit different because I think part of David does wish Nick had died because Nick could potentially ruin the rest of David’s life.

Nick’s first word is ‘David’ and then he stares at him…how does that make him feel?
David feels sick. All he can think about is that everyone is going to find out it was him and that he’s going to go to jail. He has to shut Nick up somehow.

How does David react when Nick grabs him?
David tries to pass it off as though Nick is fooling around but he knows 100 per cent that it was him and he’s basically threatening David.

Does David have a plan to try to convince Nick the crash was an accident? 
Nick’s memory is a little fuzzy, but he says he definitely remembers David undoing his seatbelt. David tries to convince Nick that he was just trying to get him to stop the van and turn it around so they could go home where everything would have been fine. So, basically, he tries to wipe his memory.

What will David do if the whole truth does come out? 
I think he will try and crawl his way out of it until the bitter end. I reckon he’ll try and plead his innocence and attempt to convince Kylie and Nick of how sorry he is. At the moment he feels like he’s standing on a plank and he’s right at the edge. It could go unbelievably well for him or unbelievably bad – there’s no in between.

Tina advises him to tell Kylie everything – but will David do this?
No he won’t, because obviously she doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what he’s done. He’d be an absolute moron to go up to her and say, “hey, look at me, look what I’ve done”.

Is David worried that Kylie won’t forgive him? 
She definitely wouldn’t forgive him. As soon as she finds out, David knows that will be it. Losing Kylie is his worst fear because she’d take the children away from him.

What about Gail and Audrey? Does he care about how they’d react if they found out he wanted Nick dead? 
I don’t think he ever really considers his mum or his gran. Everything’s about Kylie and the fear that she’d take the kids away. In a way, he’s quite a selfish character. At the moment, he’s more worried about himself and what will happen to him and the life he could lose.

Tell us about the ultimatum that Nick issues…
Up until the crash, David wanted a paternity test to find out who the father was. Once Lily was born he kind of went away from the idea because he was scared she might not be his and that he could lose her. He has that unbelievably natural and instant love for her so he doesn’t want to run the risk of losing her. When Nick says he has to get a test done or else he’ll blab, he gets angry towards Nick and says he can’t believe he’s putting him in this position. But he’s got no more cards left to play and he has to do what Nick says.


Does David believe that Lily is his? 
He loves her so much, which is why he is frightened about getting the paternity test. He doesn’t know if he can accept Lily if she’s not his so he definitely doesn’t want to put himself in that position.