Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of Downton Abbey

Want to be a TV journalist for a day? Send us your review of the first episode of Downton Abbey series four by 2pm on Monday and it might just get published...


The Dowager Countess might not know what a weekend is, but we are all completely devoted to ours.


And this week you’ve got even more reason to be, as Sunday night brings with it our much-anticipated return to Downton Abbey. 

ITV’s international hit is back for a fourth series. It’s all frightfully exciting, isn’t it? 

What will have happened to Lady Mary and poor little baby George since Matthew met his grisly end in the closing minutes of the Christmas special? Will Edith have eloped with her handsome, married magazine editor? How much havoc will Lady Rose have wreaked already? 

Can you even bear to watch it now Dan Stevens has left? Do you think Downton has still got the same charm after all this time? Or do you think it’s time Julian Fellowes put down his pen? 

Go on. We don’t bite. We just want to know what YOU think. Send us your 150 word reviews and we’ll publish our favourites… 

Watch a trailer to get you in the reviewing mood. And don’t forget to settle down in front of ITV and 9:00pm… 

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