Emmy Awards British nominees: Emilia Clarke

Read our guide to the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nominee, and watch a clip of her as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones



Nominated for: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Role: Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

The youngest of this year’s crop of British nominees has taken everything the vicious world of Game of Thrones has thrown at her, and picks up another Emmy nomination for the all-conquering fantasy series.

26-year-old Clarke has had quite a ride in the latest series, surviving two assassination attempts before raising a slave army. She’s so embedded in the show’s culture that she even replied in Dothraki when she found out about her nomination.

“Yer chomoe anhaan. Jin ha Khalaan, shekh ma shieraki anni,” she said, which apparently means something like: “You do honor to me. This is for the Khal – my sun and stars.”

If she’s invested that much in the role, who would begrudge this young starlet a chance at Emmys fame?

Watch a clip of Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones below:


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