Coronation Street spoilers: Nick wakes and utters David’s name – first look pictures

He's out of his coma and reunited with his family - but how much does Nick remember?


Just how much does Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) remember about the car crash that landed him in a coma?


It’s the question to which David (Jack P Shepherd) dreads hearing an answer, but that moment may soon be coming after Nick wakes in an upcoming episode and agitatedly starts repeating his brother’s name.

Presuming that Nick is worrying about David’s welfare, Gail (Helen Worth) summons him to the hospital. David, for his part, swallows his fear and heads to the ward, knowing that the reunion could lead to the destruction of all he holds dear.


As David looks Nick in the eye and whispers a nervous hello, just how will his older brother respond? And will Nick remember that it was David who caused the smash that nearly killed him? Find out in the episode airing on Monday 30 September.