Ukip MEP hits Channel 4’s Michael Crick in the face with conference brochure – video

Godfrey "Bongo Bongo Land" Bloom lamps reporter for pointing out party mag has no black faces on the front

It’s a tried and tested way for politicians to deflect difficult enquiries: turn the question on its head.


But at the UK Independence Party conference in London today, Godfrey Bloom MEP took that a step further by hitting the reporter on the head: Channel 4 man Michael Crick. When Crick pointed out to Bloom that the front page of the conference brochure features scores of faces but none of them is black, Bloom somehow concluded that Crick was being “racist” and stormed off.

When Crick pursued Bloom – the man famous for saying in August that British aid money should not be sent to “Bongo Bongo Land” – the MEP grabbed the controversial brochure and clobbered Crick with it, shouting “Disgraceful! You’re disgraceful!” before haring away again.


See the encounter in full below.