Stephen Fry attacks “shiny faced, arse-witted creep” who questioned his tweeting

Author and polymath takes grave exception to a diary piece about the timing of his tweets, attacking the journalist as a "creep from the inner ring of Satan’s rectum"

Stephen Fry has launched a coruscating attack on a journalist who suggested he give up Twitter, describing him as a “shiny faced, arse-witted creep….from the inner ring of Satan’s rectum”.


The journalist, who is also known as Tim Walker, plies his trade at the Telegraph and it was his misfortune to be the author of a newspaper diary piece today in which he writes that he had spotted Fry in a London restaurant and noticed that his tweets went live when he was apparently not physically tweeting them.

Fry, who clearly sets up tweets to publish in advance, says in his piece that his PA made the point clear to “this sneering and disgusting insult even to the reeking heap of disgraced ordure that is the British press” and cited two charity tweets he had timed for publication at a time that would have protected the charities’ servers.

“I had promised each organisation that I would tweet at that time so their servers could be ready for the traffic. A child of ten who understands twitter would see the need for such precautions and preparations.

“But then, no child of ten would want to be a rejected and scorned gossip columnist for the Daily Telegraph. I can’t think of a more embarrassing occupation in the world. I’d rather be chief enema-administrator to Jabba the Hutt.”

Walker also alludes to Fry’s public disavowal of Twitter – followed by a hasty return – in 2009 because of what he perceived to be the unkindness on the microblogging site. Walker also claimed that Fry was rude to another journalist, Peter Hitchens, at Hitchens’ brother’s memorial service.

This latter claims in particular also angered Fry who writes: “Walker concludes his vicious little paragraph firstly by telling an outright lie: that I “buttonholed” my dear friend Christopher Hitchens’s brother at the luncheon after Christopher’s memorial service in New York. Not true.

“I could see Peter Hitchens in the doorway of the Waverly Inn, standing utterly alone  (as he does intellectually, morally and socially amongst his brother’s friends) and, taking pity, I just came up to chat. He responded so rudely, so vilely and with such lack of human decency, that I couldn’t but tweet at the extreme difference between two products of the same parents.


“Probably a misjudgement on my part. I make many. But then Peter Hitchens is proportionately as joyless and unlovable a person as his so deeply missed brother was joyful and loveable and I was upset at such charmless rudeness. And I was, I freely admit, a little drunk. Which is just what Christopher would have wanted me to be.”