Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

23-27 September: more secrets emerge about the night of the exhibition opening, Lucas's financial problems escalate, while Jack Lassiter unexpectedly returns to Erinsborough

Monday 23 September


Joshua catches Amber holding Robbo’s hand and believes that she has gone back to him. Hudson discovers why Joshua missed the swimming trial. After Paul puts pressure on him for the remainder of his money, Lucas tries to convince Vanessa that they should leave Erinsborough. Kyle hears about the illegal card games and confronts Lucas.

Tuesday 24 September

Kyle wonders how far Lucas has gone to ease his monetary troubles. Toadie worries about what he did under the influence of the spiked drink. Terese is surprised to learn that an eccentric new guest is Jack Lassiter, the founder of Lassiters. After so many decades of silence, what has prompted him to return?

Wednesday 25 September

When Imogen and Mason’s car is found, Detective Sergeant Ellen Crabb hauls them in for questioning. Recognising Paul as a younger version of himself, Jack Lassiter warns him not to make the mistakes that he did by putting business before family.

Thursday 26 September

Kate presses Mason to tell her what he was doing on the night of the exhibition opening. Upset at losing a patient, Georgia ducks a hospital shift when Paul offers her a gig at Charlie’s. Imogen collapses from stress caused by the police questioning and a bad exam result.

Friday 27 September


When Karl suspects that Imogen has bulimia, Terese tries unsuccessfully to get her to open up. Chris thinks that he is to blame when Hudson loses interest in swimming. Amber composes a heartfelt text to Joshua but sends it to Lou by mistake, leaving Joshua unaware of her feelings and Amber mistakenly thinking that he does not care.