Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

23-27 September: Casey refuses to perjure himself to save Ricky, Leah awaits VJ's test results, while Sally steels herself to tell Pippa that she is ill

Monday 23 September


When he is subpoenaed to testify against Ricky, Casey tells Brax that he will not downplay her criminal involvement. As April agrees to Dex’s request that she should move in, he and Indi throw a party. Casey shows up in a great mood, but later succumbs to the drink and Indi finds somewhere for him to crash. Before he passes out, he kisses her. Sally realises that the only way she can fund Pippa’s treatment is to sell her house.

Tuesday 24 September

After initially saying that he remembers nothing, Casey faces Indi at the gym. Sally’s plans hit a glitch when she lines up an estate agent to sell her house. As she awaits his test results, Leah worries that VJ may have the same disease as Pippa. As Tamara’s memory returns, she recalls Ricky being the reason that she survived being kidnapped by Adam.

Wednesday 25 September

As Pippa gears up to start school in Summer Bay, Sally struggles to find the right moment to talk about her illness and the plans to move away. Maddy tries to rekindle her relationship with Spencer now that he has split up with Sasha. Kyle is worried that Tamara will remember her feelings for Casey.

Thursday 26 September

Just as Maddy and Spencer’s relationship nears happy stability, Sasha unexpectedly arrives back in the Bay. Jett teams up with VJ to find the truth after overhearing Sally and Bianca discussing Pippa’s illness. Heath is reluctant to accompany Bianca to her principal’s dinner.

Friday 27 September


Pippa tries to come to terms with the truth about her illness as Sally makes promises to her that she knows she cannot keep. Jett and VJ apologise for revealing the truth to Pippa. Unbeknown to her, Heath witnesses Bianca enjoying herself with Zac at the principal’s dinner.