Toy Story takes a spooky turn in new trailer

Woody, Buzz, Jesse and Mr Potato Head are returning to our screens for Pixar's first TV special


Woody, Buzz and Jesse are back, but this time they’re heading for the small screen. The trio star in Pixar’s first TV special, Toy Story of Terror, which sees Andy’s old favourites embark on a creepy new adventure.


The latest teaser shows the gaggle of toys embarking on a fun road trip which takes a hairy turn when they detour to a roadside motel. When Mr. Potato Head goes missing, the rest of the gang are dragged into a haunting sequences of events that they must solve before suffering the same fate. 

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Joan Cusack all return to their roles, with welcome appearances from the likes of Rex, Mr Pricklepants, Trixie and Combat Carl. 

The half-hour film is set to broadcast in the US on October 16, with Sky Movies promising to air to UK customers some time in the same month. Take a look at the teaser below…