Peaky Blinders: can you get your head around our TV hat quiz?

With Peaky Blinders back on tonight, we take our hats off to the best headwear on screen. Can YOU look at the hats and name the people who wore the hats?


The Peaky Blinders (9pm BBC1) get their name from the lethal flat caps they wear: each has razor blades stitched into the rim, for ease of blinding. Here are some more famous hats, but how many can YOU match to their owner’s scalps?


Hat 1

Indiana Jones 

Hat 2

Doctor Who

Hat 3

Hat 4

Oddjob from Goldfinger, the original Peaky Blinder

Hat 5

The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter

Hat 6

JR Ewing from Dallas

Hat 7

The boy from A Clockwork Orange

Hat 8

Cartman from South Park

Hat 9

Hat 10

Frank Rossitano from 30 Rock, who makes his own comedy caps every episode

So how many hats did YOU identify?

1-2 We hat you

3-4 Sometimes it’s hat to be a woman

5-6 Is hat the best you can do?

7-8 Hat’s the way, a-ha, a-ha, I like it


9-10 Top hat