Mr Bates favourite to die in Downton Abbey series four

With so many deaths in series three, surely no one is safe as Downton arrives back on our screens. But who are the most likely characters to get the chop this time around?


Downton Abbey’s return is imminent. And this is the question on everyone’s lips…


Who will Julian Fellowes kill off next? 

We lost Lady Sybil AND Matthew Crawley in the show’s third series/ Christmas special. If we were in Downton Abbey, we’d be worried. But, according to the bookies, some of the cast members have more reason to be concerned than others…

With worryingly short odds of 3/1, Lord Grantham’s valet Bates should be quaking in his boots. As should sneaky under butler Thomas Barrow, who’s 7/1 to meet his maker. Perhaps the pair will perish together when old rivalries come to a head? 

The Dowager Countess is the third most likely character to get the chop, with odds of 8/1 from William Hill. In our humble opinion, Fellowes would be a fool to axe the quick-tongued matriarch, who, let’s be fair, is the reason plenty of us tune into the Sunday night show. But, you never know, this might be the season Maggie Smith decides to leave the Abbey behind…

Violet’s son Robert is next in line for the kill, with 10/1, while Downton’s cook Mrs Patmore has odds of 12/1. We’d keep away from that newfangled and unpredictable electric mixer if we were you, Patmore. 

Lady Edith, though, can breathe a sigh of relief. With odds of 33/1, there’s very little chance she’ll meet a grisly end in series four. The same can be said for kitchen maid Ivy, Cora Crawley and newbie Lady Rose who all have odds of 25/1.

With odds of 25/1, Branson and Lady Mary both seem fairly safe, too, which seems only fair. It really would be too cruel to kill off baby Sybil and baby George’s remaining parents, wouldn’t it? Are you listening, Julian..?

Downton Abbey returns to ITV on Sunday at 9:00pm