The Great British Bake Off finally gets soggy bottoms trending on Twitter

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – #SoggyBottoms took on social media… and won


The Great British Bake Off has had its first Twitter trend of the series… it’s #SoggyBottoms of course.


It’s taken until week four of this series for the Bake Off favourite to rise to the occasion, following no less than 11 mentions of soggy bottoms on Tuesday’s show.

There was even a soggy top. But we won’t talk about that. It’ll give Paul Hollywood nightmares.

In fact, it took only 573 Twitter mentions to turn #SoggyBottoms into an official trend, according to data taken from Virgin Media’s The Hotlist.

It gives us hope that we (yes, you and I) can get #TeamHoward trending (yes, I am still on team Howard. He cried this week when Ali was booted out. I all but held it together).

Of course, getting a topic trending isn’t a by-the-numbers job.

Trends appear to rely on how many people are saying something, at one time, at what rate, against all the other tweets going on… it’s all very scientific. 

But if #SoggyBottoms can do it there’s hope for #TeamHoward. Join me next Tuesday at 8pm and let’s get tweeting!

The Hotlist is a new measurement tool that monitors three different ways we interacting with TV programmes – from viewing the show (whether it’s live or on-demand), engaging with the show socially (engagement) and passionately talking about the show proactively (sentiment) – to determine how popular a show is in terms of both figures and sentiment.