Sharknado sequel gets a title and an air date!

Bosses keep it simple. Welcome to Sharknado: The Second One


After the huge success of Sharknado (yes, that TV movie about sharks flying out of a tornado) in both America and the UK, there just had to be more…


Well, production company Asylum listened to the fans and began work on a second film, set in New York. They even asked them for help, getting Sharknado lovers to suggest names for the sequel via Twitter. 

There were some pretty funky ideas, too – Chew York, Chew York, that sort of thing.

But this is a film whose first poster included the short, sharp tagline “Sharknado. Enough said!”

They like to keep things simple.

So, enter… Sharknado: The Second One.

SyFy, who aired the original straight-to-television film, revealed the name, along with the news that it’s going to be released in July 2014. 

This of course dashes our hopes of them going with the title we’d come up with – Dinosharknado. That was based on star Tara Reid’s suggestion to that the next film could see the family back together and on a trip to Aspen. The glaciers would all melt and dinosaur sharks would appear and start killing everyone. Well that didn’t happen (it’s fine. We’ll pitch it again for the third. There will be a third one, right?)

Anyway, any mention of Sharknado gives us an excuse to watch this classic moment, over and over again… 

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