Life on Mars creator pens supernatural thriller series Legion

Tony Jordan's dark tale about a man who makes a pact with Satan will air on UKTV Drama


Tony Jordan, creator of time-travelling TV cop show Life on Mars, has joined forces with UKTV to make the first original drama commission for the broadcaster.


Legion, the 10-part show which Jordan describes as his “ultimate passion project”, tells the story of criminologist Nathan Jones who scours the world looking for a cure for his 10 year old daughter’s inoperable brain tumour.

When conventional clinics fail him, Nathan turns to the only man who says he can help: the Devil. 

Speaking at a UKTV launch event, Jordan talked about the writing process and said he “sat in the shed with snot bubbles” when he brought his feelings about his own daughter to the story.

The writer, who has over 250 EastEnders episodes to his name, also said that the show had been sat in his “bottom drawer” for 15 years while he waited for the right broadcaster to work with, one who would not alter the show.  

Jordan further revealed that prior to teaming up with UKTV, an American team were keen to work on Legion so long as he “changed one detail” and gave the desperate dad a sidekick to “inject some comedy”.

“I’m in love with UKTV” said Jordan, of his collaboration with the broadcaster that did not want to change his concept.

The show is scheduled to start production soon and will air on UKTV’s new Drama channel.