Homeland: Brody’s house sells to buyer who’s never seen the show

The property's new owner may wonder who all the fans on the front lawn are…


The house used as Sergeant Nicholas Brody’s home in Homeland has been sold. In one day.


Which might lead you to think it was an excited fan who snapped up the four bed, two-and-a-half bath in North Carolina.

In fact, it’s been bought by someone who’s never actually seen Homeland, after the vendor had her pick of five offers over the $394,000 asking price, reports the Charlotte Observer

But if the new owner doesn’t know yet that they’ve picked up a piece of TV history, the fans flocking to take pictures of the house will soon hammer the message home (pardon the pun). Or perhaps when the cast pop back for a few bits of filming (although, that’s apparently a rarity these days, since the interior shots are generally done in a studio). 

Nevertheless, the house has certainly seen some action.

Claire Danes’ character, CIA agent Carrie Mathison, once had covert cameras insatlled throughout the house. Yes, totally Big Brother style. She became a bit obsessed with watching what Sergeant Brody was up to. She doesn’t get out much.

Carrie was of course doing the pretty important job of trying to find out if Brody had been turned after eight years as an al-Qaeda hostage. But still. A little OTT.

Brody strapped a bomb to himself in the bedroom, too, underneath his army uniform, hours before he was supposed to blow up the Vice President.

And Carrie went through a phrase of turning up and going a little bit crazy on the front lawn. In fact she even got arrested. Right there. On the grass. Something for the new owner to think about while they’re mowing the lawn…