Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech: I’d be surprised if Branson kicked the bucket

The star who plays Lady Sybil's widower Tom Branson isn't worried about his character being killed off by Julian "bloodthirsty" Fellowes...

Remember Lavinia, Pamuk and William? And of course the lovely Lady Sybil – and poor, poor Matthew…


With so many crucial characters meeting grisly ends during the last few series of Downton Abbey, it’s fair to say the show’s creator Julian Fellowes isn’t afraid of writing his cast members out of the drama. But for one actor at least, all this death and despair isn’t a concern.

Asked whether he ever feared for his character Tom Branson’s life, Allen Leech laughed and said: “I figured once Jess [Jessica Brown Findlay] went that I was pretty safe. And we knew that Dan [Stevens] wanted to leave so I was like, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m okay this year!”

“Of course you worry at the start of the next year,” he continued, speaking at the launch of the period drama’s fourth series. “Is Julian ‘bloodthirsty’ Fellowes going to go and kill anyone else? But, no, I kind of felt pretty safe…

“As [Branson] kind of solidifies himself in the story and then in the family, I’d be surprised if Branson kicked the bucket! But you never know…”

Downton Abbey returns to ITV later this month