Doctor Who Christmas Special filming begins – and Matt Smith’s wig looks pretty convincing

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman have been snapped shooting the festive special in Cardiff - and the Doctor's floppy fringe is back


A field in Cardiff. A blue box. Matt Smith. Jenna Coleman. And a pretty convincing wig…


Yes, it can only be the start of filming on the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special – and those of us who doubted that any kind of hairpiece would be able to do justice to Smith’s magnificent quiff may have to think again.

The actor recently shaved his head for a part in Ryan Gosling movie How to Catch a Monster but – at least from a distance – the make-up department seems to have done a pretty good job in restoring him to all his floppy-haired glory…

Photos: Ryan Thomas-Farrell (@ryantfarr)