Proms boss says no to Sherlock concert

Roger Wright rules out the idea of giving a Prom to the Benedict Cumberbatch detective drama, despite fans' enthusiasm

Sherlock fans prepare to be disappointed – your dreams of a dedicated Prom have been dashed.


Yes, the BBC Proms has seen fit to give Doctor Who its own Prom three times, starting with the inaugural concert in 2008 and this year seeing Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis – and, of course, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman – descend on the Royal Albert Hall for a special celebration of Murray Gold’s musical score. 

But Radio 3 and Proms controller Roger Wright has assured that the hope among Cumberfans for a Sherlock equivalent is not a flyer.

“No, there are no plans,” he told us at the weekend. “I can’t imagine how that would work.”

The news will be a blow to fans after Sherlock composer David Arnold aired the possibility at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

“There’s a lot of music in Sherlock,” he told “I do it with Michael Price so it’s a proper two-hander and we did an orchestral suite – an eight-minute thing which we did in Manchester with Birmingham Symphony Orchestra a few weeks ago – and it does take quite well to the concert hall. Big tunes played by an orchestra is always going to sound good.”

And despite Wright’s feelings about the possibility of a Sherlock Prom, Arnold was keen to reiterate that he has plenty of material in the bag to fill an evening in the Albert Hall. “There’s so much music in the show – there’s an hour and ten minutes in every episode of music. You’ve got 230 minutes of music per season so now we’ve got 460 minutes of music.”

Meanwhile, the appetite for more Proms performances is certainly there, with Wright celebrating a successful year. 

Average attendance for the main evening Proms in the Royal Albert Hall this year was 93%, equal to last year. A record 57 of 75 concerts in the Royal Albert Hall sold out, six more than in 2012, and more than 300,000 people attended concerts at both the Royal Albert Hall and Cadogan Hall.

Added Wright: “‘I’m delighted that the 2013 BBC Proms has captured the imagination of our audiences and been so critically acclaimed. The atmosphere throughout the summer has been one of great excitement and engagement with the music making. The high attendance figures, not least for the new and less familiar work, is a sign of the health of the BBC Proms brand. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of the BBC the Proms continues to offer great value for money.”

But not, it seems, for Sherlock fans.