Home and Away: the week ahead in Summer Bay

9-13 September: April’s life hangs in the balance, Zac is suspected of drug use, while Tamara considers leaving the Bay


Monday 9 September


Dex realises it’s been too long and the ambulance hasn’t arrived to treat April’s snake bite. He’s forced to drive to the hospital. At the hospital Sid administers anti-venom, but they don’t know how much damage the venom has caused. Upset at seeing April so hurt, Bianca reacts badly and blames Dex for her sister’s predicament. Sid is angry the ambulance didn’t show up, but he soon finds out that they were given the wrong address by a frazzled Dex. Dex is devastated to learn that under pressure he gave the wrong information to Emergency.

Marilyn apologises to Dex, she is feeling guilty for pretending to be sick, and thus stopping Sid from checking Dex’s frantic calls, Marilyn tells Dex that he was April’s hero, but Dex feels like a liability. Everyone is dismayed when April has a violent allergic reaction to the anti-venom.

Natalie reveals that she’s never really dealt with her feelings for Brax. She and Zac decide to get their friendship back on track, but when Zac broaches the touchy subject of Natalie’s mum, she shuts him down. Zac tracks down Natalie’s  missing mother, and now has to decide what to do with this information. He tells Natalie that her mother is alive.

Heath is faced with a hard decision. Should he agree to Connie’s unfair terms and give up his rights so he can see Darcy? Darcy is all Heath has after Rocco and if he pushes Connie too hard he risks losing his daughter. Bianca tells Heath that she’ll support him in whatever decision he makes about custody for Darcy. As Bianca and Heath leave for the hospital to visit April, Darcy shows up at their front door. She’s run away from home because she wants to be with Heath.

They contact Connie, letting her know that Darcy has arrived at their house. Darcy’s angry that Heath called Connie and promises she won’t go back with her grandmother. Connie’s upset, believing that Heath has Bianca and his brothers, and all she has is Darcy and the memory of her dead daughter. She unfairly blames Heath for Darcy running away, but a fed-up Heath tells Connie he’s not going to give up his rights when it comes to his daughter.

They both should be doing what’s best for Darcy, and if Connie stops his daughter from seeing him she doesn’t deserve custody. Touched by Heath’s obvious love of his daughter, Connie agrees to put Heath’s name on Darcy’s birth certificate, and promises not to move interstate.

Tuesday 10 September

Brax and Ricky try to enjoy their getaway, but Ricky suspects Brax can’t switch off from Summer Bay dramas. Brax asks Ricky to move in with him, but she refuses. She’s convinced if she moves in she’ll come between Brax and his family. Their fighting ruins the mood and their romantic getaway is spoiled. Ricky dumps Brax back home, which is witnessed by a bemused Natalie. Natalie asks Brax how he got past Ricky’s betrayal. He decided that for once it couldn’t be about history or family; it had to be about what he wanted. Life’s too short, and he loves Ricky.

Later that evening, Ricky shows up at the house and explains that the only thing keeping her together is the knowledge Brax loves her, and moving in could jeopardise that. She understands that Casey can’t accept her living in the same house. But Brax is certain they’re going to get through this together, and she finally agrees to move in.

April’s had an anaphylactic reaction to the antivenom, and things still hang in the balance for her. Guilt-stricken, Dex reveals he gave the wrong address to the ambulance to Irene and Bianca, who don’t know how to react. Sid admits that when Dex came in after his accident and went into cardiac arrest, he froze, and wasted precious seconds while Dex was dying. Sid was able to overcome it and operate, but those moments he wasted haunted him. Now he’s realised he did the best he could under extremely difficult circumstances, just like Dex has done with April.

Dex holds vigil over April and begs her to come back to him. Bianca sees this and her heart breaks for Dex and her sister. April wakes up, with Sid and Dex tending to her. April reveals she’s proud of Dex for driving her to the hospital. He reveals the only reason why he drove her was because he gave the wrong details to emergency. April’s still proud – she’s survived a snake bite, he’s ticked driving off his bucket list. After that, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Off the back of finding Natalie’s mother, Zac reflects about his own family breakdown. Leah notices that Zac dismisses hurtful things with a joke, rather than examining the pain behind them. After the trouble with his student, Holly, and the breakup with Natalie, Leah confesses she wouldn’t be handling things so well. Off the back of her conversation with Brax, Natalie decides she might go track down her mother and get some answers. Zac’s worried that meeting her mother will hurt her, but Natalie’s adamant she has no expectations. Natalie leaves Summer Bay, as Zac watches her go.

Zac arrives home to find Holly in the house, and demands she leave. Leah let her in the house because she thought she was a student in need. Holly reluctantly leaves, warning that Zac should have been nicer to her. The next day Zac opens the door to a police officer, who’s had an anonymous tip that Zac has drugs in the house. They find drugs in the bathroom, much to Zac and Leah’s shock.

Wednesday 11 September

A blissed up Kyle and Tamara return home to find police in the house. They are questioning Leah and Zac over the drugs found in the bathroom – not good considering Zac’s previous drug conviction. When Kyle enters, the police feel things could have fallen into place, but he vehemently denies any involvement. Zac offers that Holly may have placed the drugs there. Heath and Bianca set out to clear both Zac and Kyle’s names. Holly’s ‘innocent’ act frustrates Zac – he’s sick of having to prove he’s innocent. Leah tries to find out what’s driving Holly’s obsessive and destructive behaviour.

She tells Holly to take control and focus on what she wants out of life. Holly takes the wrong message from that – she wants Zac. She approaches him promising to admit she planted the drugs to the cops if Zac will spend a night with her. Zac is shocked by how twisted Holly is and refuses, but she asks him to think about it.

Brax tries to make Casey accept that Ricky is moving in. Casey feels betrayed and the brothers start feuding – only to be interrupted by John Palmer who turns the hose on them for being rowdy neighbours. Brax and Casey are not in a good place. However, Casey’s has rung Tamara’s parents and requested they come to the Bay and he is confident the tables will turn against Kyle when they arrive in the Bay. The way he sees it, even if Tamara leaves with the Bay at least she won’t be with Kyle. Tamara’s parents’ arrival stirs up Ricky’s feelings of guilt.

Meanwhile, Tamara’s worried that her parents won’t have forgiven her for her brother’s death, but in actual fact they’re sorry for turning her away in their grief. Brax is hurt that Casey has made such a big decision without consulting him. John promises to help Casey get through this hard time, but his family should stop working against each other. Reminiscing with her parents, Tamara’s drawn to those happier times. They want Tamara to return home with them. Casey decides that Brax and Ricky have every right to be together, but he won’t be a part of it. He’s moving out.

Thursday 12 September

Tamara goes to lunch with her parents to sort out whether she’ll stay in the Bay. Kyle tries to apologise to Casey. They’re brothers, and they shouldn’t have this rift between them. Casey thinks that being brothers didn’t matter too much to Kyle when he was stealing Tamara. Tamara agrees to come home with her parents, but now she has to break the news to Kyle. He tries to suck it up, but it’s clear he’s gutted. Tamara thanks Casey for calling her parents, and reveals she’s sorry for how things turned out between them. 

After seeing Casey so low, and with the memory of how he helped her fresh in her mind, Indi decides to fund Casey moving into a caravan. As Tamara readies herself to leave Kyle tells her he loves her. Tamara decides she’s going to stay at the Bay – her life is here. Her parents are disappointed, but Tamara knows she made the right decision when she’s embraced by a joyous Kyle.

Rosie’s leaving the Bay to live with her dad so she and her baby can have a family. She heavily intimates she would like a ‘surprise’ party. With the help of Rosie, Sasha and Spencer make up. But now they need to invite Maddy to Rosie’s party, which is a recipe for an awkward disaster. Everyone shows up dressed in their ‘R for Rosie’ costumes, and Maddy battles her discomfort. Sasha’s aware of it, and tries to smooth things over, but Maddy snaps and tells Sasha that Spencer will never sleep with her. Sasha’s left confused about Maddy’s ominous warnings about Spencer.

Jett wants to go to camp, but John can’t help with funeral expenses and other bills piling up. John confides in Alf about his money troubles, and wants to know if Alf has any ideas about how he can earn some extra cash. Jett’s oblivious to the money troubles and John asks Alf to keep it from Jett.

Friday 13 September

Spencer clocks Sasha’s deflated mood, but she shrugs it off. Maddy has rushed home and admitted to Roo and Harvey that she told Sasha that Spencer would never sleep with her. Spencer realises something has happened between the two girls and goes to investigate. He walks in on Indi, Rosie and Sasha ruminating over why Spencer and Maddy were never intimate. Caught out, Rosie blurts out that Spencer may be gay in front of him. Spencer tells Rosie and the others that he’s not, and wants to know why they’re talking about his sex life. Sasha explains what happened with Maddy the night before, and he’s hurt that Maddy would reveal their intimate details. Sasha quizzes Spencer about sex, and she reveals her first time was not what she’d hoped it would be.

Maddy wants to apologise for what she said last night, however admitting that if Spencer and Sasha slept together she doesn’t think they could be friends – she leaves a message on Sasha’s phone. Meanwhile, Sasha and Spencer sleep together, knowing their connection is strong and they’ve found the right person.

Alf and John brainstorm ways for John to make money, while Alf covers some minor costs. John tells Maddy that he has to cut back on his volunteer work, including training Maddy. He’s disappointed as he loves working with her, and she’s upset too. She confides in Marilyn that John is no longer training her, and Marilyn is concerned that John’s reducing his volunteer work.

Harvey snoops around, trying to find out what John’s up to when Alf tells him to keep his nose out of it, along with Marilyn who’s been snooping too. Under pressure, John tries to get casual work at the gym, but Indi’s reluctant to give him a job after the fiasco that occurred last time he worked there. Guessing that John’s stress in money related, Marilyn approaches John to offer Jett shifts at the Diner. John is dismayed that she’s found out, and embarrassed when she offers him a loan.


Sid gets a job offer from the Flying Doctors, but it’s based in Broken Hill. Indi tells Sid he should consider it. The family is in a good place, and she and Dex can look after Sasha. She doesn’t want him to turn down this opportunity because of them.