Sherlock quiz three – The Great Game

Part three of our six-part quiz - how well will you play The Great Game?

The third of our six quizzes, one dedicated to each episode of the show. 


You see – but do you observe? Time to find out, again…

1. At which train station is Andrew “Westy” West found dead?

2. Mycroft asks Sherlock to find the stolen plans for a missile defence programme. After who is it named?

3. Moriarty leaves a pair of trainers in the basement flat of 221B Baker Street. To whom did they belong?

4. Ian Monkford’s car was hired from which company?

5. To which country was Monkford relocated?

6. What is unusual about the third bomb-jacketed victim Moriarty used to communicate with Sherlock?

7. How does the poison that killed Connie Prince get into her system?

8. What does Sherlock pull from the pocket of the man found dead on the South Bank of the Thames?

9. What is the name of the Czech assassin whose trademark is to squeeze the life out of his victims?

10. The presence of which astronomical phenomenon in the “Vermeer” painting confirms that it is a fake?

Find out how you rate on a scale of dumb to Sherlock… 

10: Perfection. You are Sherlock

7-9: You were thinking. It’s annoying

4-6: Your Mind Palace could do with a bit of a spring clean 

0-3: You don’t have to be a genius to work out you’re not one

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