Sherlock quiz six – The Reichenbach Fall

Will our last Sherlock quiz be your downfall? Here are 15 final problems...

Time to enter your mind palaces for the final time as we present the last of our six episodic Sherlock quizzes (until series three, that is). You saw The Reichenbach Fall, but how much did you observe…?


1. When John visits his therapist at the beginning of the episode, how long is it since his last session?

2. What three thank-you gifts (two of which he guesses without unwrapping them) does Sherlock receive after solving the Reichenbach case and two other crimes?

3. Moriarty’s assault on various British institutions begins at approximately what time?

4. What are the three places he breaks into?

5. Who plays Kitty Riley, the journalist who wants to expose Sherlock as a fraud?

6. What three little words does Sherlock give Kitty as a quote?

7. How did Moriarty influence the jury in his case?

8. What is the name of Mycroft’s club?

9. What are the four substances Sherlock first identifies from the sample obtained from the footprints of the children’s kidnapper?

10. And what is the fifth?

11. To which town do these clues lead Sherlock?

12. What does the fax message from Moriarty say?

13. What is the name of the Albanian hitman sent to protect Sherlock?

14. What is Moriarty’s children’s TV presenter alias?

15. According to Moriarty, what is the final problem?

Find out how you rate on a scale of dumb to Sherlock… 

15: Perfection. You are Sherlock

10-14: You were thinking. It’s annoying

5-9: Your Mind Palace could do with a bit of a spring clean 

0-4: You don’t have to be a genius to work out you’re not one

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