Daniel Radcliffe is destroying the old in trailer for Kill Your Darlings

The Harry Potter star plays Allen Ginsberg in the beat generation film about the killing of David Kammerer in 1944

The star who breathed life into everyone’s favourite wizard is about as far as you can get from Hogwarts in his new film Kill Your Darlings.


Instead of spells, broomsticks and Quidditch there is blood, drugs and drink in Daniel Radcliffe’s new role. Though it’s worth noting for hardcore Potter fans that Radcliffe is still nicely bespectacled…

The 24-year-old star is playing poet Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas’ feature film debut, a movie about the New York beat generation. Telling the story of Ginsberg’s relationship with Louis Carr in 1944, the film follows the killing of David Kammerer by Carr in 1944 and the effect the death had on the infamous group of creatives including On The Road author Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs.

Kill Your Darlings also stars Micheal C Hall and Elizabeth Olsen.

Kill Your Darlings will be in UK cinemas on 8 November.