Benedict Cumberbatch: I wouldn’t say no to Star Wars role

The Sherlock and Star Trek actor admits he should probably ask JJ Abrams for a part in Episode VII

Earlier this week, one of Benedict Cumberbatch’s representatives told us there’s “no truth” to the rumour that the Sherlock star has been cast in JJ Abrams’ Star Wars sequel – but that doesn’t mean Cumberbatch would turn down the opportunity if it did come along.


“I wouldn’t say no to that,” said Cumberbatch when it was suggested he should ask Abrams for a part in Star Wars: Episode VII.

The British actor, who played baddie Khan in the director’s Star Trek Into Darkness, has even admitted that as a youngster he was more of a Star Wars fan.

“I remember [Star Trek] used to be on BBC2 before the 6pm news and I did watch it a few times,” Cumberbatch told The Express. “But, no I’m not a Trekkie. [My Star Trek co-stars] Simon Pegg and Karl Urban are knowledgeable, but growing up I was more of a Star Wars fan.”

Cumberbatch, who has just finished filming the third series of Sherlock, was also keen to explain how much he’d enjoyed working with Abrams.

“He is a gifted director with so much energy,” said the star. “He has the fervor of a ten-year-old child, but a brilliant mind. As an actor, you don’t have to second-guess him. He gives you a confidence to try things and speak to him. He is always open to his actors and crew members. You can’t ask for more.”

If Cumberbatch is after a role in Star Wars, it seems likely Abrams will soon know about it, as the actor isn’t afraid to voice his preferences. On Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films, it was the voice of Smaug the dragon Cumberbatch had set his heart on. 

“I wanted to be a dragon,” he said. “I auditioned for it. Peter wanted me to read for other characters, but I said, ‘I would really like to be the dragon’.”

If Cumberbatch continues to get his own way, perhaps we will see him in that Star Wars role after all…