Doctor Who: Matt Smith starts work on Christmas Special

The first read-through for the Eleventh Doctor's final appearance takes place today in Cardiff

It’s the beginning of the end for Matt Smith. 


Work has begun on the Doctor Who Christmas Special – the episode that will see the Eleventh Doctor bid farewell to the show after four years – with Smith arriving in Cardiff today for the first read-through.

Fresh from his role on Ryan Gosling movie How to Catch a Monster, Smith was pictured with close-cropped hair, clutching a copy of the script for the seasonal adventure.

The as yet unnamed Christmas episode will see Smith’s Time Lord regenerate into Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, who was unveiled as his replacement last month.

Before then, though, fans will get to see Smith in action alongside tenth Doctor David Tennant and mysterious new incarnation John Hurt in the 50th anniversary special on 23 November.