Simon Cowell: My high-waisted trousers were just a phase

"They're not actually very high anymore," revealed Cowell at yesterday's I Can't Sing! press launch - but the director of the X Factor musical says the truth behind the trousers will be revealed

For a man made of money, Simon Cowell’s sartorial choices are unusually basic. His t-shirts are plain, his shirts slashed too low, his haircut like a, well, toilet brush… But one item of clothing has long generated an unprecedented amount of attention. That item is, of course, his mysteriously high-waisted trousers. 


The positioning of Mr Cowell’s waistband has long been the subject of fashion commentators’s discussions, but when questioned over his choice of apparel at yesterday’s I Can’t Sing! press launch, The X Factor creator was unusually defensive. 

“They’re not actually very high anymore,” he fired back. “There was a phase I went through but they have lowered a bit.” And after examining recent images of the talent show boss, we can indeed confirm that the waistband in question has travelled south to an acceptable degree. 

But that’s not the end of the saga. The man behind the upcoming X Factor musical, Harry Hill, cryptically added that the issue iwould be addressed in his production. “The answer is revealed in the show,” he teased, before Simon added, “I get it in the neck throughout.”

When caught up with the director of I Can’t Sing!, Sean Foley, he confirmed the extensive research the creative team had carried out to dress the show’s leading man, Nigel Harman… “It is the reason, it’s definitely the reason,” he laughed, before adding, “I’m not going to tell you what it is.” But he did go on to jokingly detail the conundrum faced by the production’s costume department: “The amount of cloth – there’s a whole factory in China pumping out this stuff!”