Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Mark Benton

All you need to know about Mark Benton's journey to Strictly, via those Nationwide adverts...


Name: Mark Benton


Age: 47

Twitter: @markbenton100

Famous for: The loveable Daniel ‘Chalky’ Chalk in Waterloo Road, who managed to win the respect of his pupils despite being overweight and having the nickname ‘Chalky’. Those Nationwide adverts.

I just thought it would be fun. I’ve never thought about doing one of these types of shows before, but out of all of them this is the one to do.”

Bio: You know his face. Honestly you do. Mark Benton has made a career out of playing affable, cuddly, slightly down-trodden figures. A dependable character actor, he guest starred in everything from Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) to the first episode of the relaunched Doctor Who. He was a regular on ITV sitcom Barbara, and is probably best known for playing the buffoonish, ballooning Chalky on Waterloo Road. Remember him now?

Even if you don’t, you’ll recognise his voice. His reassuring Yorkshire tones have been used in numerous adverts, and he had a long stint as an aggravating bank manager in adverts for a building society. Controversially, earlier this year he fronted the first UK advert for e-cigarrettes.

Mark is the perfect Strictly underdog, and is already an expert at winning the audience’s sympathy. Will this TV teacher be head of the class?

Mark advertises Aero: