Readheads break record in Holland

Thousands flocked to Breda to show off their carrot, strawberry blonde and striking red locks at last weekend’s ‘ginger’s only event’, we’ve tracked down some pictures from the corker of an event…


More than 5,000 people with red hair, from 80 different countries, turned up to represent the ginger population and break a world record – for the most redheads in one place – at last weekend’s Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands.


Visitors to the city of Breda would have had quite a shock when visiting this weekend – there was an army of people with carrot, red and ginger shades of hair celebrating. 

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Ginger fanatics tried to fully fill a plane with rouge-haired people the very same weekend. Flybe’s flight from Inverness to Amsterdam had red-headed crew, including the pilots. They served alcoholic ginger beer especially for the occasion, and even had a Prince Harry look-alike on board.

The ginger population in Breda rapidly increases each year during Redhead Days Festival. The first event, organised by Dutch painter Bart Rouwenhorst in 2005, had 150 attendees, eight years later this number has grown to more than 5,000 people.

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As well as meeting other auburn-haired friends, attendees at the festival can take part in weekend of motivational lectures, workshops, events and picnics.

Images courtesy of Mike Klaassen


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