Doctor Who fans to say “I Who” in 50th anniversary mass wedding

50 Doctor Who loving couples are to tie the knot at a Time Lord wedding in November


Engaged couples will soon be saying “I who” at a mass Doctor Who wedding this November. A British company is looking for 100 love-struck Whovians to tie the knot, coinciding with the show’s 50th anniversary.


Guests can expect the wedding to be crashed by classic Doctor Who villains in costume, maybe even a Cyberbestman. One assumes there will be a TARDIS (it’s old, new, borrowed and blue) but the ceremony will take place in the Bloomsbury Ballroom, London.

The star-crossed lovers must be prepared to fork out £2000, and prove their enduring love for Doctor Who (and each other), but that hasn’t put off die-hard fans.

“We’ve been inundated from all over the world. We had responses yesterday from Israel and Mexico, but the most is from America” says Selina Price from The Special Events Group. “They send photographs of themselves in costume, stories, tales of how long they’ve been fans.”

“One man was telling me that when his wife went in to labour, he was watching Doctor Who and made her wait before going to the hospital.” Maybe not the best foundation for a marriage, but who are we to judge?

There will be prizes for the best costumed newlyweds (dress code: long wooly scarf with a fez), and the 50 couples will say their Doctor Who themed vows at the same time. May we suggest “Till regeneration do us part”? The ceremony will be conducted by a minister, and will also serve as a blessing for those who are already married.

Although the Doctor is over 900 years old, he’s only ever had one on-screen wife: River Song. But the actors who have played him have racked up 15 confirmed marriages in total, not counting Doctor-in-waiting Peter Capaldi or the mysterious John Hurt.

The Timelord is a frequent wedding guest. He abducted Donna Noble in her dress, just as she was about to walk down the aisle, while Rory and Amy Pond’s marriage caused the entire universe to blow up. This mass event could prove equally destructive: drunk cousins can be as violent as Sontarans.

The Special Events Group has experience with geeky nuptials. It previously staged the UK’s first Klingon wedding. The minister had to learn chunks of the fictional alien language to recite the vows. 

If any couples want to get married Timelord-style, details are available at The deadline is 1 October.

Perhaps for the 60th anniversary, they can get divorced by a Dalek.