Coronation Street spoilers: “Sally and Tim will drive each other insane” – Sally Dynevor interview

Plus find out why the actress thinks her character should really be with Roy Cropper


The unreliable Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is to give Sally Webster cause for concern next week when he stands her up at Stella and Karl’s wedding.


“He says he’ll go but then he doesn’t show up, which is the start of a pattern with Tim,” says Sally Dynevor. “He’s too weak to say no in the first place and then he lets her down. Sally’s really upset and Sophie tells her that she needs to get over Tim. But when there’s a knock at the door and Tim’s left a bunch of carnations for her. Sally’s well made up, but Sophie can’t believe she’s thinking of taking him back.”

All of which goes to show just how swept up Sally is in her new fella, despite all the evidence pointing to him being a feckless and irresponsible specimen. So does Dynevor think that Sally is getting ahead of herself when it comes to Tim?

“Definitely – she’s thinking wedding bells already. Tim’s a bit of a charmer and he flirts with her and makes her feel sexy. But she needs to stop being so desperate. Sally should slow down and get to know him more instead of being so bowled over by the fact that a man’s given her a bit of attention.”

So what kind of future does the actress envisage for Tim and Sally – one filled with romance or recrimination? “With Tim, you know there’s no way they’re going to live happily ever after. They’re going to drive each other insane. I like the drama that has to offer.”

During her time in Weatherfield, Sally Webster has endured a string of broken relationships, including two failed marriages to Kevin Webster plus a whole host of dud boyfriends such as Greg Kelly and Frank Foster. So why does she always get it so wrong?

“She’s got terrible taste in men,” agrees Dynevor. “To be fair to Sally, they are all good looking but they’re not settling down material. She’s nearly 50 but she’s still going for the wrong men. I’d eventually like to see her settle down, but with someone completely inappropriate. Maybe someone like Roy Cropper, who she can be horrible to.”

And do viewers have plenty to say to her about the state of Sally’s love life? “To be honest, the cancer story is the one that a lot of people want to talk about [in 2011, the actress was told she had breast cancer at the same time as her character was diagnosed with the disease]. People could relate to the character as cancer affects everyone directly or indirectly. Obviously, for different reasons, that storyline became very memorable for me.

“I also used to have a lot of ‘don’t get back with Kevin’ and ‘please get back with Kevin’ comments. I think people quite like certain elements of Sally’s character, particularly when she inadvertently insults people and doesn’t think she’s doing so. They sometimes think she’s awful but they like that comedy.”


Sally’s judgmental nature has certainly become the stuff of legend, but would Dynevor be tempted to give her character a good talking to? “Well, she’s not nasty like Tracy Barlow, but she does sometimes say nasty things out of her own pretensions and bizarre beliefs. Not enough people pull her up on it, so she doesn’t know she’s even doing it half of the time.”