Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

31 August-6 September: Robbo ups the pressure, stress takes its toll on Imogen, while Susan fears the worst

Monday 2 September


Instantly regretting what she’s done, Amber wants to ensure that Robbo goes to the police station to change his plea. Robbo promises he will, but he later betrays her. A worried Imogen urges her friend to call an end to their relationship once and for all – and Amber finally does. But there’s a sting in the tail: Robbo has video footage of Amber that he plans to use to blackmail Mason.

Kate’s specialist appointment is today and Georgia is concerned for her, making her promise that she takes Mason with her for support. However, Kate soon gets confirmation that he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with the situation. Believing he isn’t supporting Kate, Kyle confronts Mason – who insists he’s doing the right thing by distracting Kate from her problems. Kyle takes it upon himself to be there for Kate and he bolsters her spirits.

It’s Callum’s 16th next week, but he doesn’t want a party. He’s convinced he has nothing to celebrate, and Toadie and Sonya’s attempts to talk him round are a disaster. It’s Imogen who eventually manages to get through to him, but her help leaves Callum with a massive crush.

Tuesday 3 September

Mason’s desperate to find out whether Robbo’s claims are true, so he confronts Amber and asks her whether she’s still seeing him. Amber’s forced to lie, and Mason’s relieved. But when Mason refuses to give Robbo his money, he gives proof of the video’s existence. Gutted, Mason turns to Paul for help, who in turn enlists Marty to find ammo and get Robbo out of town. Meanwhile, Amber discovers that Robbo lied about changing his plea, and that he’s casing out members of Gamblers Anonymous – but why?

Terese pitches a sponsorship deal to Paul, but he’s not interested in Georgia’s ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ exhibition. He decides an up-and-coming athlete would be a more exciting proposition – and secures a deal with Hudson. But when Joshua finds out he’s furious.

Lucas continues to feel the financial pressure as he gets news that the first open viewing of the house didn’t go well. With Vanessa sick and unable to take time off due to money worries, Lucas is tempted to turn to gambling to get them out of their financial strife…

Wednesday 4 September

With news of Paul’s sponsorship offer to Hudson, tensions run high in the Willis family. Terese is concerned it could come back to bite the company, Brad’s desperate to make it happen, and Josh hates that Hudson keeps getting second chances.

Later, Terese thinks it’s for the best to inform Paul of Hudson’s past slip-up with a banned substance. He immediately threatens to revoke the offer, but after a heartfelt plea from both Hudson and Chris, Paul’s convinced to go ahead with it. Brad is elated – until he learns Terese raised her concerns with Paul, and the couple find themselves at odds again.

Meanwhile, Imogen’s feeling on the outer, and Susan picks up on this when she drops over in the middle of a heated debate. Imogen pretends she’s fine with everything, but Susan starts to wonder – is she secretly engaging in dangerous behaviour?

Kate finds herself at a loose end, feeling distant from Mason after their recent separate issues. But this makes her the perfect sidekick for Kyle in his efforts to organise the charity exhibition for Georgia while she’s away. While things begin well, they start to realise Georgia’s original plan may not work, and with the event drawing closer, they come up with a new approach. But can they pull it off?

With the clock ticking and Robbo’s threats hanging over him, Mason is desperate to come up with the money he needs, trying to convince Imogen to buy out his half of their shared car. But she doesn’t have the money and refuses. Mason’s out of ideas and under pressure – what can he do?

Thursday 5 September

Through Imogen, Amber discovers that Josh tried to text message her about his feelings. But she’s confused – why didn’t she receive it? She soon realises Robbo intervened and deleted the message. Eager to set the record straight, Amber convinces Josh that she has nothing to do with Robbo anymore, but guiltily stays silent about the fact she slept with him only days ago. Josh is glad to hear Amber’s putting Robbo firmly behind her, and he reaches out again, by re-sending his text message, asking her to give their relationship another shot. Amber’s only too happy to agree, and they organise a casual date that night. But when Imogen accidentally lets slip that Amber recently slept with Robbo, Josh is furious.

After finding Imogen’s empty cupcake box, a concerned Susan subtly tries to find out if she might have an eating disorder. Imogen denies she has a problem, coming up with excuses for her behaviour, but Susan’s still keen to discuss the matter with her parents. Panicking, Imogen derails Susan’s efforts to make a time with Brad and Terese. Susan’s thwarted, but Imogen’s actions have only made her more suspicious. And once she’s home alone, out of control Imogen resorts to bingeing. Susan was right – but will anyone discover Imogen’s secret?

Kate rallies entrants for Georgia’s ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ photo exhibition. But Matt is disappointed when he discovers Bailey’s entry of him: a photo of him at work, giving out a ticket. When he sees Imogen’s photo of Brad mucking around with a surfboard, he can’t help but look at himself as a less-than-fun dad. Lauren urges Bailey to capture a different side of Brad’s personality, to soothe his bruised ego. But will it work?

Friday 6 September

When Mason learns about Robbo’s new job, he takes the opportunity to check out his squat at the old radio station, hoping to find and destroy the footage of Amber. But while he’s there, Robbo returns and Mason’s forced to hide. Just as it seems he’s about to be discovered, Amber arrives to confront Robbo, and Mason’s able to make his escape undetected.

Later, Mason doesn’t tell Amber about the video, and claims he was looking for evidence to bring Robbo down. He promises things will get better, more determined than ever to make sure Robbo doesn’t act on his threat. But how far is he willing to go to get Robbo out of their lives?

Toadie’s thrown when he sees Robbo working near the community centre, learning he’s landed a job with the council and is supposedly trying to make a fresh start. Toadie worries for Sonya’s state of mind, having Robbo working so close to the nursery. Later, the couple has another run-in with Robbo, who assumes it’s Toadie’s fault he’s now lost his job. He vows to make out in court that the Rebecchis have a grudge against him, and this latest incident is evidence of that.

Amber’s confused when Josh doesn’t show up to their date, and when she goes to confront him about it, he rejects her, making it clear he now knows how recently she was with Robbo. Devastated, Amber later takes her hurt out on Imogen, blaming her for exposing her secret and claiming she never supported their relationship. Imogen’s gutted to lose her best friend, but things get even worse when Josh has a go at her too. Overwhelmed and upset, Imogen resorts to bingeing again.


Bailey’s concerned by Callum’s crush on Imogen, fearing his friend will get hurt. Later, when Toadie and Sonya question him over the details of Callum’s so-called girlfriend, Bailey decides he has to act. He warns Imogen about Callum’s crush, and she decides to back out of the birthday dinner to spare his feelings.