Autumnwatch’s Chris Packham: badger cull sick and shameful

Naturalist and TV presenter issues stinging attack on the government for authorising the cull which he says endangers our country's reputation as a nation of animal lovers

Chris Packham - Springwatch

Autumnwatch presenter Chris Packham has attacked the  “brutalist thugs, liars and frauds” who authorised today’s badger cull.


Packham has issued a statement which spoke of his revulsion at the decision to allow the cull and which saw the first killings today.

Packham’s statement – a collection of Tweets sent on the eve of the cull last night – said: “It is both sad and shameful that when night falls and the setts of southern England stir their gentle folk will be needlessly slaughtered.

“That in spite of science and public will the wrath of ignorance will further bloody and bleed our countryside of its riches of life. That brutalist thugs, liars and frauds will destroy our wildlife and dishonour our nations reputation as conservationists and animal lovers”.

Packham added that last night was the “darkest for British wildlife that we have witnessed in our lives”. He added that he felt “sick, sad, disempowered, betrayed, angry and crushed by the corruption of all that I know as right”.

Packham also urged people opposed to the cull to spread his words via social media.

Please share/RT, and when others sneer or shower scorn for our concern, remember it, because sometime in the future this will come back to haunt. It will be interesting how many will then claim they were ‘against it from the start.”

Two pilot culls to destroy around 5,000 badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset began last night.


The Government say that the scheme is designed to see if badgers can be killed in a safe and humane way – something it belies is necessary in order  to combat bovine tuberculosis.