Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron to frame Adam for Alex’s murder – first look pictures

Adam finds himself arrested after punching Declan - but could there be further charges ahead?


Crazy Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) is to play the framing game in the weeks to come as he plans for Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) to take the rap for Alex’s murder.


After leaping to the conclusion that Adam is the blackmailer extorting cash from him, Cameron decides to question his prime suspect. But when he realises Adam isn’t guilty, Cameron is left stung when Adam tells him that he’s not right in the head.


Vowing revenge, Cameron soon schemes for Adam to punch an out-of-favour Declan (Jason Merrells) in full view of the police. Adam is promptly arrested, but as Cameron continues to plant seeds linking Adam to Alex’s murder, will he end up being investigated over something far more serious than assault? Find out when the episode airs on Wednesday 4 September.