Could there be a Sherlock prom?

Following in the footsteps of last month's Doctor Who musical celebration, will we eventually see David Arnold's score for the detective drama performed at the Royal Albert Hall?

Last month’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary Prom saw Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis – and, of course, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman – descend on the Royal Albert Hall for a special celebration of Murray Gold’s musical score. The fans who packed into the London venue were delighted, and the event is set to be televised on BBC1 this Monday.


But there’s another BBC1 drama starring an equally popular duo – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – and with an equally dedicated fanbase and rather a lot of good music. So when caught up with Sherlock composer David Arnold at the Edinburgh TV Festival, we put the question to him – could there ever be a Sherlock Prom? 

“There’s a lot of music in Sherlock,” he said. “I do it with Michael Price so it’s a proper two-hander and we did an orchestral suite – an eight-minute thing which we did in Manchester with Birmingham Symphony Orchestra a few weeks ago – and it does take quite well to the concert hall. Big tunes played by an orchestra is always going to sound good.”

Arnold also made the excellent point that he’s got plenty of material in the bag to fill an evening in the Albert Hall. “There’s so much music in the show – there’s an hour and ten minutes in every episode of music. You’ve got 230 minutes of music per season so now we’ve got 460 minutes of music.”

Well, he sounds pretty keen on the idea so watch this space… And with series three almost done and dusted, there’s now even more music to play to a live audience.

Arnold – who has also composed the score for five Bond films and was the musical director of last year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games – also kept us abreast of how he’s getting on with the next batch of episodes of Sherlock, currently being filmed in London and Wales.

“We’re almost done with the second episode. Just because of the way they shot them, episode two is finished and episode one I record on Tuesday so by the end of next week that will be finished. Then I have to wait for them to deliver episode three which they’re shooting at the moment. “

Sherlock is expected to return to BBC1 towards the end of the year or in early 2014