Jack Whitehall on Doctor Who: Zawe Ashton should replace Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

"Peter Capaldi will be absolutely brilliant but I do think the next doctor should 100% be Zawe Ashton," says Whitehall of his Fresh Meat co-star

Jack Whitehall has had his say on who should be the next Doctor.


But wait a minute, I hear you cry, haven’t we already got a new Doctor? Wasn’t Peter Capaldi announced as the new star of Doctor Who just weeks ago?

Well, yes. You’re right. But apparently now the question on everyone’s lips (well, comedian Jack Whitehall’s, at least) is who will be the NEXT next Doctor. And Whitehall’s got the answer.

“I’m very much backing Zawe Ashton post-Capaldi,” he told RadioTimes.com enthusiastically at the launch for the second series of his BBC3 sitcom Bad Education.

“I like Doctor Who. I’m not like a proper mad fan but I think it’s a great show. I think Peter Capaldi will be absolutely brilliant. Although I do think the next doctor after Peter Capaldi 100% should be Zawe Ashton.”

Fans of Channel 4 student comedy will know Ashton as the eccentric, enigmatic Vod, alongside Whitehall’s posh buffoon JP, and Whitehall is convinced she could bring something new to the role of the Time Lord.  

“I think she’d be so good,” he continued. “They should go completely different next time around, have a female doctor and make it Zawe. Zawe would do it so well – she’d come up with something amazing.”

And then, going slightly off topic, Whitehall added: “And I think I should be the next Luther.”

So there you have it. You heard it here first. If Whitehall’s got anything to do with it, Zawe will be the next Doctor and the 25-year-old comic himself will dethrone Idris Elba for the lead role in Luther.

Jack Whitehall writes and stars in Bad Education. The second series starts on BBC3 on 3 Sepetmber and will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer one week before.