Sherlock: Why we love Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, by the fans

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat get a mention too as fans at #Setlock explain why Sherlock is their life and why the Cumberbitches have become the Cumbercookies…


North Gower Street. London. Bulging barriers. Screams. A black taxi. It can only mean one thing… #Setlock.


Yes, series three filming for Sherlock has been taking place right here in London town. And (no surprises here) the fans knew about it.

As the buzz spread on Twitter and Tumblr that North Gower Street NW1 had once again been turned into Baker Street, more and more fans flocked to see their favourite show being filmed.

From five hour bus trips from France to stroking Benedict Cumberbatch’s hand and sharing a rather odd sounding pizza with Martin Freeman, most of these fans have been there, done that and got the t-shirt (or more often, the deerstalker hat).

Here’s what they had to say to us about why they love all things Sherlock…

Fixated on The Fall

“Life depends on finding out about The Fall,” says Melissa, 14, who is a dedicated member of the Cumbercollective. If pushed to sum up the show in three words, “logic, obsession and beauty” just about do it for this fan.

Cumber’s coat

Decked out in a Cumberbatch style coat, Matt, 19, certainly had the detective look down. He said the show offers “a witty portrayal of a famous story”. That cliffhanger finale gives viewers reason to look forward to the next series, he added. Matt then hopped back on the chair he’d brought with him for a better view. Smart lad.

Are the Beatles in town?

Sherlock and Cumbermania may cause women to go mad, but what do the guys think of it all? “It’s a crazy atmosphere. I didn’t expect it to be like this, it’s like the Beatles are in town,” Luke, 28, told us. “Benedict Cumberbatch has got a unique look. He’s handsome and unique.” Leanne added, “The show is really unique – you just want to know what’s going on in his head.”

Cumberbatch and the chocolate biscuit

Having been to three #Setlocks, Naomi, 15, Charlie, 15, Erin, 15, and Harry, 12, admit they don’t come for the spoilers (they don’t want to know those) and were surprised they could get so close. “Cumberbatch offered me a chocolate finger once,” said Naomi. Adding (to clarify) “a biscuit. A fan had given them to him and he shared them out. We’d been looking for the train station and found his trailer. He chatted to us so long his tea went cold. We apologised – he’s British and his tea was going cold! – but he said it didn’t matter.” What a gent, eh?

A slice of the action

Not one to be outdone on the food sharing, Felicity, 19, Fran, 19, Heidi, 18 and Dani, 25, reveal Martin Freeman shared his pizza with them. Not just any pizza either. It was a tuna, spinach and egg pizza. Which they say should also have had onions. Which, er, would have made it better presumably? Anyway, with all the #Setlocks they’ve done the girls admit any theories they had on The Fall have been well and truly muddled.

Keep calm and call Sherlock

Sporting a rather fancy Sherlock top and a deerstalker hat, these gals were dressed for the part. Tasked to describe their love for the show in three words, Bethan, 20, said: “I love it.” We’ll take that. Elizabeth, 23, and Polly, 17, also say it’s the chemistry between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch that they love the most – it’s the “cute bromance” that gets them, they admitted. And Benedict’s voice. Naturally.


“What are we called?” one fan asked me, as I stuttered out “Cumber…bitches?!” afraid I may very well offend. Indeed. Not correct. “No. We’re called the Cumbercookies. Because when we’re altogether we’re the Cumberbatch.” Gold, pure gold.

On the buses

Hopping on a bus for five hours was nothing for Pauline, 20, from France who learned Setlock was bound for London once more. “It’s such an original way to tell the story. It’s amazing we’re allowed so close.” On the time since the last episode, Pauline says it’s been a long time to analyse the final scene. “I have half the mystery solved. I really want to see if I’m right.”

Layer cake

Compare Sherlock and Watson? Pick a favourite? Heaven forbid! “That’s illegal! They compliment each other. Like a cake. They make each other,” Jami, 15, Grace, 14, Megan, 16, Weronkia, 15, and Joanna, 15, enthused. Asked if it’s been a long wait since the last episode, they collectively sighed so loud I’m surprised the cast didn’t stop to find out what was wrong. That’ll be a yes then.

Best thing on TV…

We also found Joanne, 30 – a rare breed who, as a fan of Sherlock and Doctor Who, is actually able to pick a favourite. And yes, it’s Sherlock. “I’m a big Steven Moffat fan. He and Mark Gatiss do such a good job. I love Doctor Who but Sherlock is the best thing on TV.” We have to say we think a few people agree…