Bear Grylls in trouble over sea slide

The Man Vs Wild adventurer faces a council investigation over the newest edition to his private island

Adrenaline junkie Bear Grylls has got himself in a spot of trouble over a water slide, which he’s attached to his island on the Welsh coastline. 


The survival expert bought St Tudwal West island, off Abersoch in Gwynedd, for £95,000 in 2001 and has customised it with a fast water slide, which he’s attached to the rock face. 

Grylls explained on Twitter that “you hit the water very fast”. 

After seeing the new edition, Ward councillor Wyn Williams was worried that the slide may need permission. 

“As far as I’m aware, he uses it about two-to-four hours a day and it’s used by the family itself,” said Williams to the BBC. 

“When the tide is in, that’s not too bad. When the tide is out, there are quite a lot of rocks. 

“I’m not sure if he needs planning permission but I think he should have notified the council.” 

This peaceful island is classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Grylls recently submitted an application to the local council to build a £580,000 harbour on the island, which is 700 metres long and 200 metres wide. 

The TV traveller lives here with his three sons and wife Shara, the family also owns a Dutch barge houseboat in London.


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