Sarah Beeny’s top 10 tips to double your house for half the money

Want to increase the size of your house and improve its appeal without breaking the bank? Of course you do - here's how...

Proeprty developer Sarah Beeny’s back on Channel 4 with a new series of Double Your House for Half the Money, showing viewers how to increase the size of their homes, and turn an unexciting property into a dream home, without breaking the bank.


Here are Sarah’s top ten tips for getting it right…

Top Tip 1: Costing – set out a careful budget before you begin, ideally you’d add a 20 per cent contingency for anything unexpected

Top Tip 2: Technology – think about how you can save money in the long run by installing gadgets such as solar panels, but especially by adding extra insulation into the build itself

Top Tip 3: Recycling – try upcycling and recycling old building materials or pieces of furniture to make them work for your new property

Top Tip 4: Future-proofing – think about how your extension will fit in with the neighbourhood. If the house doesn’t look in keeping with the street this could perhaps cause problems when selling at a later date

Top Tip 5: Get competitive tenders – don’t be afraid to shop around for quotes. Building contractors in some areas are short of work and will offer competitive rates

Top Tip 6: Renegotiate labour costs – lots of bricklayers are currently struggling for contracts, so may be happy to offer you a good deal. But remember to be realistic

Top Tip 7: Use your own DIY skills – try doing your own painting and decorating, or if you feel confident, try learning some basic plumbing or carpentry. But remember not to take on too much, or it may end up costing more money if you have to re-do at a later date

Top Tip 8: Pull in favours – where possible use any friends and relatives who have time to lend a hand

Top Tip 9: Avoid making changes – changes later on will cost money, so make sure to have a solid plan before you begin

Top Tip 10: Keep the neighbours happy – you may think dust and banging is fine, but to them it could be their worst nightmare!

Double Your House for Half the Money is on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4