It’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll as BBC3 announces new documentaries

The channel announces six new films from up-and-coming filmmakers on topics as diverse as underage drinking, web-cam sex, the real School of Rock... and modern day knights

BBC3 are embracing sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (as well as modern day knights… more on that in a minute) in a new raft of documentaries.


As part of its Fresh scheme, which offers up-and-coming filmmakers a chance to break into prime-time TV, the channel is set to air six new documentaries on a diverse range of topics such as drug use, underage drinking, web-cam sex, actors living with Down’s syndrome, aspiring rock stars and, yes, modern day knights.

Webcam Girls (working title) will look into the lives of young sex workers who make a living behind the lense of a webcam, Does Skunk Make You Crazy? (w/t) tries to answer that very question while underage drinking will come under the microscope in Underage And Over The Limit (w/t). It’s the real School of Rock (w/t) next as the channel follows students at the Academy of Contemporary Music as they follow their dreams and try to make it as rock stars. Growing Up Down’s (w/t) will delve into the world of young actors with Down’s syndrome as they put on a touring production of Hamlet.

And finally, chainmail at the ready! Knight Club (w/t) will follow a group of modern day Knights as they enter the Battle of the Nations – the world’s most brutal full-body contact medieveal tournament. Anyone else heard of this before? No, us neither.

BBC3 controller Zai Bennett said: “We’re all about nurturing and mentoring new British talent both on and off the screen at BBC Three and nothing demonstrates this more than the Fresh strand.”


The six films will air on BBC3 in early 2014. BBC3’s Fresh scheme has already produced documentaries Transsexual Teen Beauty Queen, My Brother The Islamist, Mum And Me, Genocide, Autistic Me, Jamie: Drag Queen At 16 and Josie and the Cancer Curse.