Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron is targeted by a mystery blackmailer – Dominic Power interview

"He immediately assumes someone knows it was him and his paranoia really kicks in," says the actor

The pressure is mounting for murderous Cameron Murray in the wake of Alex Moss’s body being discovered. With the police making door-to-door enquiries and Alex’s granny Beattie asking Cam to organise a memorial, it’s little wonder that Emmerdale’s prodigious serial killer is starting to sweat.


Next week, viewers will see Cameron start to incriminate Adam for Alex’s killing and arouse suspicion when he loses his temper with young Sean Spencer. But fresh tension comes when Cam receives a text saying that he hasn’t got away with things. Obviously scared that someone knows the truth, Cameron is soon even more startled by demands that he leave £500 in a bin at a drop-off point.

So, will Cameron learn the identity of whoever has it in for him? Here, Dominic Power reveals what’s going through his character’s increasingly paranoid mind and teases fans as to what’s in store during the months ahead:

How is Cameron coping as the police investigate Alex’s murder?
Once again, he’s spinning plates and thinking up ways to try and keep the police at bay. He’s determined to send them off on the wrong track. But the pressure is really kicking in. Seeing the police making door-to-door enquires sends his stress levels sky high.

Does he come close to cracking under the pressure?
Yes. The pressure is enormous and it’s exacerbated when Beattie, Alex’s granny, turns up.

Yes, tell us how he feels when Beattie shows up…
Cameron is in the café and Beattie walks in.  She comes straight over to Cameron as he was so kind to her before – or so she thought.

How does Cameron feel about organizing Alex’s memorial?
It’s not long before Adam and Victoria suggest they could have a memorial of some sorts for Alex. So Beattie suggests Cameron could organise it. I think he feels physically sick at this point so he quickly tries to pass the responsibility away. 

Is Debbie picking up on his weird behaviour?
Debbie comments on how rough Cameron looks and how he seems distracted. However, as she knows he isn’t sleeping, she can sort of understand it. Plus she thinks he’s grieving about Alex as she knows he was his mate. She loves Cameron and wants to help. Debbie wants to stand up to the world for Cameron.

Does he feel guilty about trying to frame Adam for the murder?
He’s not thinking about anything other than saving himself at this point. Yes, deep down, if he thought about it perhaps, but he’s just saving his own skin.

What happens when the police come to talk to him?
He tells them about Alex needing money and how he had a bit of a barney with him over it.  And about how Alex had been trying to live the dream by seeing Moira up at the farm. But he makes it clear Alex was living beyond his means and then scarpered when it got too much.

Why does Cameron lose his temper with Sean?
Sean’s playing football, knocks Debbie’s car and the wing mirror gets damaged. He flips out and Sean is quite freaked by his reaction. Adam has clocked it and tells Cameron to pick on someone his own size.

So what’s going through Cameron’s head when he starts receiving blackmail texts?
He’s panicked. It’s just a brief text saying: “You think you have got away with it – wrong”.  He immediately assumes someone knows it was him and his paranoia really kicks in. He looks around the pub to see if it could be anyone there. He’s terrified but I suppose as he’s now killed three people they should probably be scared too if he finds out who it is.

How do you feel about Cameron’s leap to serial killer status?
People were calling him a serial killer when it was just two, but I’m not sure that is technically correct. You have to have killed three to be a serial killer. It’s been an exciting few months of filming.

Did you know as far back as when he killed Carl that all this was going to happen?
No I didn’t. I did know about Alex fairly quickly after Carl as it wasn’t that far apart. I then got wind of the fact I would be killing again but they didn’t say which character.  There were a few funny moments when I could tease other actors as I would say: “Oh I’ve heard our characters will be friends and will have quite a few scenes together.” They were all quite panicked! It was quite funny. But we had to keep what happened to Gennie a secret. People knew about the crash but not what followed.

Is there a chance he’ll kill again in the coming months?
You’ll have to wait and see.  But there is exciting stuff ahead.

What reaction have you had from the fans since Gennie’s murder?
An amazing reaction. As a team, we were sad Sian left but I think we gave her a good exit. The fans hadn’t seen it coming. They knew about the crash but not about what Cameron did. 

Gennie’s murder was very dark – how do you switch off from all that stuff?
I leave those dark scenes at work. So I tend to finish filming and get changed into my own clothes. Some evenings I head to the gym. I do try not to take Cameron home with me as it would be way too dark.

Can you give any hints about what’s coming up?
It’s big – it’s full on and it could have an impact on a few others. We all think the show is really strong at the moment and there’s a great atmosphere on set. We’re really appreciating our audience’s support too as we are getting great feedback.

What’s been the best thing about working with your two leading ladies, Lucy Pargeter and Charley Webb?
They’re the best. We have some great scenes.  Charley and I are both perfectionists so we do like to get it right but we have a laugh too.

What does your family make of Cameron’s murderous ways? 
My mum watches but she doesn’t like me killing people.  She didn’t like it when he had affairs but killing is even worse!


And if Cam is lucky enough to get away with his crimes, where do you picture him in five years’ time?
He would be very lucky, but hopefully if he were to get away with all three of these murders, I think he would like to be living with Debbie – but perhaps far away from the village with the kids. There are possibly too many skeletons for him in the village long term – literally! Isn’t Spain or South America the destination where people who are escaping things go?