Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie Platt gives birth with Gail as midwife – Paula Lane interview

But the big question remains: just who is baby Lily's daddy - David or Nick?


Expectant mother Kylie is in for a shock next week when she experiences a rapid onset labour before giving birth to a baby girl on the carpet at No 8.


“Kylie’s had the odd twinge in the Bistro, but when she’s on her own she’s so scared. There is music blaring and nobody can hear her,” says actress Paula Lane. “She really panics because she can’t move and there’s no doubt in her mind that the baby is coming pretty quickly and that she’s going to end up giving birth in the house.”

Luckily, Sean – who’s attending a barbecue at the Windasses – hears the screams and rushes over before alerting the Platt clan. In the midst of the drama, it’s Gail who saves the day by taking on emergency midwife duties. So how does Kylie feel about Gail delivering the baby?

“I don’t think she cares! Kylie’s glad to have someone there and she doesn’t care who it is. She and Gail have a got a great bond anyway, to be honest. It might not be through choice, but now they share this secret which they can’t escape from.”

In the end, Kylie gives birth to a daughter who she calls Lily, but is the new mum able to put thoughts of the baby’s paternity out of her mind? After all, this is a child that could just as easily be Nick’s as David’s?

“Those anxieties are always on the surface for Kylie, she can’t get away from it. It does get easier sometimes for her when she and David are in the midst of happy families. But then someone will say something to her that provokes her and reminds her of the situation she’s in. While Nick’s in hospital she can pretend that everything is going to be OK, but it isn’t.”

Of course, there is one way to solve the problem and that would be to get a DNA test, a course of action that Gail advocates. So does Lane think that Kylie would consider this?

“I don’t know, really. She’s curious and she can’t escape that. Gail is probing her to get one done for peace of mind, but she doesn’t know what to do for the best. The whole reason why she doesn’t get one done is because there is a 50/50 chance that it could be Nick’s. And what would she do if that were to be the case?”

And it seems that the actress’s worries don’t end with this particular issue –Kylie’s general state of wellbeing is also raising eyebrows: “Kylie just isn’t in a good place right now. She’s not wearing any makeup, she’s even stopped wearing her big earrings! She’s so tired all the time with the lack of sleep and it’s all of these little things that can cause her to deteriorate and head off on a downwards spiral. She’s going to have to be watched quite closely.”

So, given Kylie’s current volatility, how would she react if she were to find out about David’s vendetta? “Part of her would almost understand his anger, but she’d see what he did as so calculated and unforgivable, because everything he did to Nick actually affected everyone else around him too. If Kylie found out, it could potentially be the end for her and David. And in the future, I definitely think David’s anger could turn to Kylie – it would be very interesting to see a bit of aggression from him towards her, just a glimpse of danger. We’ve seen David like that with Gail and Nick, but never Kylie.”


Yet while there’s high drama on screen, it seems that all is sweetness and light behind the camera when it comes to baby care: “They’re twins and they’re absolutely great,” says Lane. “They’re like little dolls. Jack P Shepherd [who plays David] is so great with them too. I think we’ll be a good family unit.”