Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of the finale episode of The Borgias

Want to be a TV journalist for a day? Send us your review of the final EVER episode of The Borgias by 2pm on Tuesday and it might just get published...


Historical drama The Borgias comes to an end tonight on Sky Atlantic.


After three seasons, the original crime family has been axed by Showtime, so their plotting and scheming must come to an end for good. But will you be glad to see the violent, morally corrupt, corset-ripping Borgia family end their reign on Sky Atlantic? Or do you live for those blood-thirsty, incest-loving lot?

With the series being culled before all its loose ends have been neatly tied up, are you happy with the conclusion, or does it make you want to blackmail Showtime’s mistress and depose their head of drama to sit victorious on his or her throne? (It’s more likely to be a swively chair, but you never know…)

Let us know what you thought of the finale by writing a tiny 150 word review. We’ll publish our favourites. Don’t be shy. We won’t cut out your tongue or steal your first born child. It’s 2013, not the 16th century, and we’re not the corrupt head of the Catholic church.

Send your 150 word review of the last ever episode of The Borgias, along with your full name, age and hometown, to by 2pm tomorrow (20/08/2013).



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