Gary Oldman: Benedict Cumberbatch is the Porsche 911 of actors

Brrrmmm... the British acting legend suggests the Sherlock star's range and energy are reminiscent of a classic sports car

With the sleek lines of those cheekbones and that rich, rumbling voice like a well-tuned engine, you can understand why Benedict Cumberbatch might invite comparisons to a classic sports car.


But when British acting legend Gary Oldman likened the Sherlock star to a Porsche 911, it was more his energetic, wide-ranging acting style he had in mind. 

“He’s a stick-shift; he’s changing up and changing down,” said Oldman, who worked with Cumberbatch on spy drama Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and has had time to study him since. 

“Someone like Tony Hopkins has this quiet intensity about him. That’s your luxury sedan,” Oldman told US Vogue magazine for a feature on Cumberbatch. “Then you’ve got Benedict. He’s a Porsche 911.”