Jeremy Paxman’s beard trends on Twitter

Fellow Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis claims she is "working on a moustache" after Paxman unveils his new look

Monday’s Newsnight ran features on immigration and employment, Bill Clinton’s tour of Africa and loyalty in modern football – but the story that really had people talking was Jeremy Paxman’s post-holiday beard.  


The unprecedented facial hair set Twitter abuzz, with the phrase “Paxman beard” quickly becoming a trending topic as numerous commentators had fun sharing their thoughts on the presenter’s newly hirsute look.

Jenny Eclair and Lauren Laverne were both taken with the beard, but had different ideas about what might have inspired it.

Kirstie Allsopp disagreed, saying the new look was neither Hell’s Angel nor historical but just plain wrong.

Crime writer Ian Rankin took a more psychadelic view.

Rob Manuel looked to the future with a Star Trek reference.

And finally… Paxman’s Newsnight colleague Emily Maitlis took his new facial hair as a challenge.