Coronation Street spoilers: David confesses his guilt to Tina – Jack P Shepherd interview

Will the truth reach Gail's ears? And how far will David go to cover his tracks?

The game looks like it’s up for David Platt next week when, under Tina’s accusatory gaze, he caves in and admits that he was responsible for Nick’s crash. Tina is horrified and determines to tell Gail everything, but can David get her to keep quiet? Here, actor Jack P Shepherd reveals what’s in store for David as the truth threatens to spill out.


So, did David intend for his revenge plot to go as far as it has done? 
Yes, I think he probably did. I don’t think David had an endpoint in mind, as such, but he wasn’t satisfied with the level of ruin he’d gone to running up to the crash. David wasn’t necessarily intending to kill Nick, but he certainly wanted to stop Nick and stop the van and the only way to do that was by putting Nick’s life in danger. At the end of the day, David can’t forgive Nick for what he’s done and he’s so cut up about it that he’s capable of anything.

So when David grabbed the steering wheel, was he trying to cause serious damage, or was he attempting to scare Nick? 
He undid Nick’s seatbelt before he grabbed the steering wheel. I think he completely saw red and had an overwhelming urge to cause harm. It was quite a spur of the moment reaction.

Does David remember the crash or is it a blur? 
He remembers all of it. David knew what he was doing at the time.

Do you think he felt sorry for what he’d done as soon as it had happened? 
I don’t think so. He can’t get rid of the thought of Nick and Kylie together, so no matter what he’s done to Nick he can’t escape the reason why he’s done this in the first place. I think his reaction to the crash is more one of panic. He’s so worried that Nick will survive and tell Kylie what’s happened and that he’ll then lose her and the unborn baby. He’s probably more concerned that his revenge plan could all be sussed out if Nick wakes up.

How would David then feel should Nick die from the crash? 
I think there would be a mixture of emotions: obvious distress, but then also relief as he would have more chance of getting away with it all if Nick never woke up again. But then again it could cause David to crack and confess all.

Has the crash brought David to his senses do you think? Should Nick survive and not remember a thing will he continue with his plans of revenge? 
Well it’s certainly put a stop to his actions for now at least. There’s not a great deal he can do with Nick in a coma. For now he’s just living in fear about people finding out the truth.

How does he react when Tina confronts him with the truth? 
Tina clocks that this is all David’s doing and she threatens to tell Kylie the truth. David pleads with her not to tell anyone. He does get a little bit aggressive with Tina when she runs out and declares she’s going to tell Kylie everything. He’s petrified that she’ll open her mouth.

Does he trust Tina not to tell anyone once he’s begged her to keep quiet? 
No not at all. He’s on the edge every single time she contacts him. He has no trust in anyone and so his panic over Tina knowing outweighs any sense of relief that he might feel about sharing the burden.

Will he ever come clean to Kylie? 
It all depends what happens with Nick. I imagine it will come out anyway if Nick survives and remembers everything. And now Tina knows it might be her who breaks!

What would he do if anyone found out? 
I think he’d try and worm his way out of it in true David style. I think the only person David would be bothered about reassuring is Kyle. He’d want to make sure Kylie believed him and that she knew he wanted to stay with her despite her having slept with his brother. If the baby is David’s he would be able to put it all to one side and carry on with Kylie.

The thing with David is that, even at this point, he still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. Nick committed the ultimate betrayal to his brother and David believes he needs punishing for that. But once he sees Tina’s reaction when she discovers the truth, he knows that Kylie will also think that David’s entirely in the wrong. That scares him.

Is this going to make him crack up do you think?
If Nick wakes up and threatens to tell everyone the truth then I do think David will lose it. It will push him over the edge because he knows that nobody will be on his side. The panic in itself is troubling enough.

David’s felt suicidal before. Will those feelings return? 
Potentially. He’s got the potential to feel like that again if Kylie finds out the truth and leaves him. That’s the worst possible outcome for David at the minute – that Kylie could leave him and take the kids with her.

Are the rest of the family being nice to him in light of the situation as they see it? If so is that making him feel worse? 
They aren’t being overly nice to him to be honest, certainly not as far as he can see. He’s always felt like the black sheep of the family, so the way he sees it is that everyone is more concerned for Nick than David.

Is his relationship with Kylie strong enough to survive the truth? 
He’s been so strange with Kylie lately and she’s picked up on it. He’s being overly nice to her and is clinging to every second he spends with her, so she is finding it all a bit unusual. He feels as though every moment with her could be his last, so no, I don’t think he feels as though it will survive if the truth comes out.

Does David ever consider killing Nick to silence him? 
Maybe! It’s definitely something that David would think of. But is that even more risky for him?

What has this storyline been like to film? 
A lot of it has been brilliant to film. We’ve had so much to do and it’s been exciting to see where this is going. There’s no end to David’s ability to destruct and that’s been great to work on as an actor.

How was it filming the car crash stunt? 
Great. The stunt went really well and I didn’t need a stunt double because I’ve done lots of them before. The whole team of cast and crew worked really well on this scene together. We worked on the scripts and dialogue a lot before we filmed the actual scene.

Have you had a lot of support from viewers? 
I think they are really enjoying seeing the drama pan out and watching David cause mayhem.


If it’s discovered that the baby is Nick’s, will David find it in his heart to take the child on? 
Absolutely not! No way. David is not that kind of guy.