Breaking Bad new series 5b episode now available on Netflix

The final run of the hit US drama starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul kicked off in America last night with Blood Money


For Breaking Bad fans, it’s been a long wait. So the news that episodes from series 5b – the final run of eight – would air on Netflix the day after their American broadcast was music to UK viewers’ ears.


Last night, the first episode, entitled Blood Money, aired in the States and this morning it has found its way onto the online streaming service. 

The hit US drama starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Cranston) whose diagnosis with terminal lung cancer leads him to set up a crystal meth business in New Mexico with former student Jesse Pinkman (Paul).

Despite being one of America’s most talked about shows of recent years, Breaking Bad has failed to match its success in the UK television schedules, with Netflix currently holding the rights to all five series after the first two were largely unwatched when they aired on 5*. 

Lucky enough to have 50 minutes or so spare this sunny Monday morning? Watch Blood Money on Netflix here


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