Top 10 travel experiences revealed

The Northern Lights tops a poll of most desired travel experiences

Seeing the Northern Lights in Norway tops our bucket list of travel experiences, according to a recent poll conducted by Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.


More than 50 per cent of voters in the poll, of 1,563 people, chose witnessing aurora borealis over other travel experiences, including exploring Sicily (which gained 30 per cent of votes), seeing dawn over Yellowstone National Park, USA (which gained 28 per cent of the votes), watching the sun rise at the Great Wall of China (23 per cent of votes), and encountering penguins in the Antarctic (22 per cent of votes).  

“All the experiences listed are now possible and seeing the Northern Lights is one experience so many travellers would realistically love to have at some point during their lifetime,” explained Lonely Planet Traveller’s Editor Peter Grunert. 

Ireland managed to nab a spot in the top 10 too. Walking the cliffs in Ardmore came in eighth on the list of desired travel experiences (with 15 per cent of votes).

See below for the full list of ranked travel experiences:

1) Seeing the Northern Lights, Norway     

2) Exploring Sicily                                                 

3) Seeing dawn over Yellowstone Park, USA               

4) Seeing the sun rise over the Great Wall of China

5) Encountering penguins, Antarctica

6) Discovering a hidden beach in the Seychelles    

7) Island hopping in the Dodecanese, Greece             

8) Walking along the cliff tops in Ardmore, Ireland                                                                

9) Finding peace, Bali                                         

10) Attending a jazz funeral, New Orleans        


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