The Man Who Swims with Crocodiles – in pictures

National Geographic's new show follows Juan Buitrayo as he gets dangerously close to the fiersome predators

There must be something in the Costa Rican water that makes some of its citizens go a little croc crazy. Juan Buitrayo was attacked and badly mauled by a crocodile, but now demonstrates his forgiveness with offerings of food.


“I do this to make humans conscious that we have to protect these animals,” he says. But it’s his compatriot “Tarzan” Chito who is top of the crocs.

Over more than 20 years he’s developed an extraordinary relationship with a 16ft giant named Pocho. The two swim and play together, often in total darkness…


“My first wife left me because I spent so many hours with Pocho, but I can get another wife. Pocho is one in a million.”