Teri Hatcher: I’d love to do more Superman

The former Lois Lane actress says she’s “open minded” about returning to the role


Teri Hatcher, who rose to fame as Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane in US TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, says she’d be interested in another go at the superhero franchise.


“I would love to do something Superman,” Hatcher told Radiotimes.com. “Lois with Dean [Cain who played Superman] or whatever, but I don’t know what it is. That’s the thing. Until there’s actually something real I don’t know what it is. But am I open minded? Sure.”

So what did Hatcher think of Man of Steel, the latest big-screen take on Superman?

“I did see it. I did like it. I thought the fighting at the end went on a bit too long. That was my only criticism. But you know, it’s really fun to have been a part of a story that keeps getting re-told over decades of time and I think everybody that gets to play those roles just brings a different, unique, fresh quality.

“There’s certain advancements technology-wise in the way they’re able to do special effects and all kinds of things and so yeah, I’m as entertained by it as I was when we did it.”

Hatcher says it’s not weird seeing someone else play the role of Lois – “you’re on the list. You’re part of a mutual respect club” – but believes the character’s relationship with Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent is at the heart of the story. 

“I really still strongly feel that the basis of the strength of the story is between Lois and Clark. I hope that they’re going to make another film because I’d like to see [Man of Steel stars] Amy Adams and Henry Cavill get to do even more. It was a little shy on that part of the story and I would have enjoyed seeing them do a little more.”

Hatcher, who is to provide the voice of Dottie, an adorable forklift truck, in upcoming Disney animated movie Planes, also responded to reports that she’d like to return to her other most famous role, Susan Delfino, in a movie version of US drama series Desperate Housewives.

“I actually thought Desperate Housewives finished very well. I just think there’s still stories to be told. I feel like I get that from fans that they weren’t done watching those people’s lives. But you know, Mike [Susan’s onscreen husband] is dead, so I’m not quite sure where they’d go with that.

“That’s my feeling on the movie, which I don’t think will ever happen,” adds Hatcher. “We’re pretty old already. There’s a couple of us already over 50.”

Hatcher says her latest character, Dottie, who helps Planes’ central character Dusty on his journey to become a racing plane, is much more “capable” than Susan’s character. “Probably mouthier too. I think she’s gonna speak her mind and I’m not sure Susan had that confidence.”

A sequel to the movie has already been given a green light, but Hatcher says, “I am in that movie, but I don’t know that I’m in it a lot because I stay in Cropwash Junction, and Dusty goes off to do whatever it is he does. But maybe they’ll change it and I’ll get to follow him there.” 


Disney’s Planes is released in cinemas on 16 August