Natasha Kaplinsky on learning not to cry during the news

"I've got thin skin and it's got worse since having children"


Newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky might come across as cool, calm and collected when she reads out the news to the British public, but, when it comes to reporting upsetting stories, it seems she’s had to teach herself to hold back the tears.


“I’ve got thin skin and it’s got worse since I’ve had children,” she told Radio Times in this week’s magazine. “It’s like a layer of skin has been pullled away.”

So how does she keep her emotions in check on camera?

“One of the big lessons I learnt about reading the news was that, if there’s a very emotional story, you should watch it before you introduce it. If you can’t do that, try not to watch it while you’re in the studio, just concentrate on preparing for the next script.”

Although she finds it upsetting, Kaplinsky is still something of a news junkie. “I watch the news obsessively,” she admitted. “It drives my husband absolutely crazy because I have to check the headlines every hour.”

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